From Tedx to festivals and venues up and down the East Coast, Noah Proudfoot is a soul-powered songwriter doing things a little differently. Using elements of  funk, R&B, and roots-rock, his soulful voice stirs the human spirit and dives beneath the static of daily life. Studied in poetry and certified as a yoga teacher, his lyrics are carefully crafted to motivate and inspire. His full band, Noah Proudfoot and the Botanicals, broadcasts these messages on a much larger scale, gaining attention in the transformational music scene and attracting a following of like minded fans. Opening for bands such as Satsang and Yaima, they have become known as a group that can deliver a high-energy dance party with a purpose. Last year they released their debut EP 'Travel Light,' at the Asheville Music Hall to an enthusiastic crowd of fans. This year they delivered a brand new single, 'Wild One,' which draws on indie-rock influences and displays the bands ability to capture a multitude of sounds and styles. Catch them on the road this year as they make their way to festivals across the region, and continue their mission of uplifting audiences and inspiring a generation of change-makers. 

- New Single, 'Travel Light' -



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