Drawing upon ten years of experience in Asheville, NC, Noah Proudfoot’s heartfelt songs are a direct reflection of the people and places that have impacted his time here. Studied in poetry and certified as a yoga teacher, his lyrics aim to uplift and inspire, while shining an honest light on the challenges of the human experience. His band, ‘Noah Proudfoot and the Botanicals,’ broadcasts these messages on a much larger scale, using elements of funk, soul, and roots/rock to deliver a dance party with a purpose. And for the past two years they’ve been doing just that- making waves in the transformational festival scene and gathering a dedicated following of like-minded fans.

Their five song EP, ‘Travel Light,’ is the first CD from the full band- melding blues guitar, steel pan drum, and a driving rhythm section for a sound that is rich with color and life. Each song is a world unto itself, exploring themes of adventure, simple joys, and beauty amidst brokenness. Listeners will be excited to hear a much larger sound being presented, driven by vibrant melodies and meaningful lyrics that linger long after the song is over.